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Our Purpose? Provide a community for fans of the great game of football played in Ohio along with a place high school players can come and get exposure. No matter if you're a fan of Friday Night Lights, college Saturdays, or NFL Sundays? Football In Ohio has you covered with many great teams and players at the high school, and college level along with two NFL teams. 

Let the Football In Ohio community become your home to talk about one or all levels the game is played in the Buckeye State.

Why You Should Be Part of Football in Ohio

Over the years, many websites have focused on football at all levels. The majority of these sites focused on one area (High School, College, Recruiting, NFL) not allowing a community to grow with its members being able to be involved in all areas of the game. 

Most of these sites use content (free / premium) and message boards as their backbone. Football In Ohio will look to grow with people who have an interest in becoming writers covering a team or areas of the game in Ohio. However, it will also be a community where members are able to share their own experiences at a game, a player they've seen, and have their voices heard.

While social media sites (Facebook) have allowed groups to form, over time, these sites have flooded the pages with advertisements, and many times, followers don't see what is being said. 

Football In Ohio is an advertising-free community not using Google Ads or other online advertising programs to generate income or to track your interest. While we do reserve the right to have sponsors for specific groups or content, you won't find mass ads running on our pages.

There will be many great features available to community members as we've partnered with a major platform that provides many great options.

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